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Ayahuasca medicine store

We are a Peruvian ayahuasca store, AYAHUASQUEROS recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture as healers, I send you our certificate. The Ayahuasca sessions are held in the Chaclacayo district at km 28 of the main road in a country house.SEE MAP HOW TO GET TO THE PLACE OF CEREMONIES THE AYAHUASCA SESSIONS LAST 5 HOURS FROM 7 TO 12 PM you need to stay in the place until the next day, before the take 6 hours minimum eat no food only water do not eat red meats not pork, the sessions are the Friday, Saturday or Sunday, anyway I sent my phone home 7921120 and cell 997946733 if you have any other question you can send me an email or call Jose Luis Vento

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On this page you can buy Ayahuasca medicine and all the necessary information about Ayahuasca to live your own experience, we ship to the whole world. We are Ayahuasqueros recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture.