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Integration of modern practice

In an effort to save the world from academic medicine with traditional healing knowledge, Dr. Tafur will review his experience in treating people at the traditional Nihue Rao Center for the Healing of Spiritual Center in Iquitos, Peru. The successful treatment of several Western diagnoses will be reviewed, including the treatment of psychological illnesses (post-traumatic stress, depression), psychosomatic illnesses, and autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis). Traditional treatment techniques will be reviewed with a central focus of treatment through the ayahuasca ceremony and traditional Shipibo shamanism. We will review traditional Shipibo shamanism and explore the relationship between this work and interesting and relevant topics in modern medicine, including: integrative psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, functional medicine, epigenetics, and the use of psychedelic medicine in the modern psychiatry.

Colombian-American integrative family physician who has participated in traditional Amazonian plant medicine since 2007. In addition to his participation in South America, he has published several scientific articles and has worked on academic projects with the UCLA East-West Medicine Center, the Scripps Center of Integral Medicine, and the Integral Medicine Center of the UCSD. From 2007-2009, Dr. Tafur also worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSD, researching low intensity light therapy and psychoneuroimmunology. Now more than half of the year of work is spent in the traditional Amazonian healing center Nihue Rao Spiritual Center, along with its partners, Shipibo Master Sanador Ricardo Amaringo and Cvita Mamic.

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