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About us

We are Ayahuasqueros recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Peru as healers with Ayahuasca and our mission is to awaken them with Ayahuasca and free humanity from suffering Our mission to support and sustain the change of consciousness global to facilitate the transition to the new era in 2012, reconnected with the energy of the universe, of peace love Union harmony and happiness.

Our goals in this art of healing as healers is to cure their illness, but healing is more than returning physical health, it is REJECTING WHOLE, so we as healers are first and foremost people. that we REJECT ENTIRELY or, in other words, HARMONIZE the human being from the physical and not the physical part.

In ancient civilizations the disease was seen as an indication that something was wrong in the soul and that the physical condition was a symptom of discord and proof of the disconnection between body, mind and spirit. with the universe, good health was produced when the visible body and the invisible soul operated in harmony with the mind.The healing shamanic healing, therefore, recognizes that to heal a person it is necessary to start the cure from his spiritual or mental being to then get to the physical part of the disease.

Finally, as healing shamans we know that there are parts of the reality of their illness that are internal and that, however, affect and regulate external perceptions, we knowing this can come through the ayahuasca to the depths of his subconscious with precise knowledge, and we modify that internal reality so that after it manifests in an external reality and produces changes in it, this allows us healers to act to harmonize their environment and, in the specific case of the illness, to return to the sick person the balance with the world that surrounds him.We closed the floodgate that was affecting you and then work with the physical part with medicinal plants.

We shamanic therapists do not pretend in any way to be qualified doctors.We shamans see ourselves above all as THERAPISTS OF THE SOUL because our vision of the problems is holistic and seeks harmony. there are highly qualified doctors in Peru and Europe whose knowledge of shamanism complements their professional work.

In general terms, our goal as a shaman therapist is to help the patient to discover if his ill health is a consequence of his subconscious world and his way of life.The improvement in physical condition usually happens afterwards. work with your interior after sessions of Ayahuasca and make changes in the harmful lifestyle.

In addition, it is recognized that health problems do not affect only the physical body, we Chamaan healers know that the human being is made up of different BODIES or vehicles through which the IDENTITIES act and that each one affects the physical body or is affected by it No diseases There are only sick people all start from a single point We do not attend to an illness, we treat and cure a sick person.

Therefore, from the shaman´s point of view there are only two primary causes of any disease:

1.- Something is inside the person and should not be there, lost energy that does not belong to him This is called intrusion and is eliminated by a procedure called extraction, the most common cause of intrusion is the physical vulnerability caused by fear, anxiety and stress, usually due to a lifestyle that weakens the entire immunological energy system.

2.- Something like equilibrium harmony should be inside but it is not, this is called abstraction, and it is remedied with a process called recovery reconexion.Abstraction is the result of waste of energy and a loss of vital power, must be recovered so that the person regains balance and thus regain his health.

Interview with shaman José Luis Ayahuasca

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