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Ceremonies of Ayahuasca

We are Ayahuasqueros recognized by the Ministry of Culture. The sessions of Ayahuasca are held in the Chaclacayo district at km 28 of the central highway in a country house. THE PRICE OF THE SESSION IS 55 DOLLARS EACH, in the cost is included the advice before and after the session of Ayahuasca


THE AYAHUASCA SESSIONS LAST 5 HOURS FROM 7 TO 12 PM you need to stay in the place until the next day, before the take 6 hours minimum eat no food only water do not eat red meats not pork, the sessions are the Friday, Saturday or Sunday, anyway I sent my phone home 7921120 and cell 997946733 if you have any other question you can send me an email or call.

Ceremony Center

Our ceremonial center is a place near Lima, 35 minutes away, it is a natural place of thirty hectares, the center is located in the countryside, in a natural environment surrounded by mountains, in a place of silence. It is an ideal space to heal the spirit, the body, the mind, the emotions, to find the harmony of the Being, to facilitate the entry of the person for his transit along the spiritual path; all this, through the relationship and harmony with Mother Nature.

Our Treatments:

We use medicinal plants, whose healing properties are responsible for the growth center we inherit and possess a great knowledge. We perform treatments of different diseases and diseases, using Ayahuasca, and other MAGIC PLANTS, with them we develop rituals, spiritual treatments, only some of them, also, magic songs or Icaros NOT ALL are accompanied. All treatments are carried out at the CENTRO DE CRECIMIENTO DEL SER facilities.

In the center of growth, people will receive personalized attention, with the intention of facilitating reunion or healing in their process of isolation and rest. During the stay and treatment, the center will offer a specific diet that includes fasting and cleansing diets..

Diseases that we treat

Depressive Disorders, Personality Disorders, Anxiety, Emotional Disorders, Stress, Fears and Phobias, Aggressiveness, Shyness, Insomnia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Psychosomatic Ups, Spiritual and Personal Orientation, Spiritual Growth, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Irritated Colon, Chronic Fatigue, Lack of Appetite, Articular Pain, Arthritis, Arthrosis, Rheumatism, Migraines, Cholesterol, Digestive and Intestinal Problems, Liver, Kidneys, Muscle Problems, CANCER AND AIDS.

The center of ceremonies Center of Growth of the Being, is located to only 30 minutes of the center of the city of Lima, To arrive at the center of ceremonies Center of growth of the Being is necessary to move from the city of Lima to the district of Chaclacayo happening the Puente de los Angeles, at kilometer 28 of the main road in the Chaclacayo district.